Standby & Rescue Services

standby rescue service personnel preparing for emergency situation

Better Safe Than Sorry

ACE's Standby Rescue Services Offer Peace of Mind

Resolving high-risk situations creates an understandable unease for businesses as they weigh the potential consequences of a deteriorating emergency. An alternative to accepting these risks “as-is” is to partner with ACE Rapid Response in acquiring safe and reliable standby assistance should your situation go awry.

ACE’s expertly trained team of rescue professionals possess unique first-hand experience and equipment to provide reliable 24/7 support in a broad variety of scenarios, with emphasized expertise in marine standby and rescue, confined space standby and rescue, and fire fighter standby.

Meticulous Planning

Our Detailed Preparations Prevent Injuries, Damage, and Downtime

We believe the importance of preparedness cannot be overstated, which is why you’ll immediately notice our heightened attention to detail from the moment you contact our team. Prior to our service deployment, a site visit and inspection will be arranged in order to accurately assess your situation and provide the following if needed: hazard analysis, risk assessment, review of emergency response plans, equipment, and safe work procedures. Further, we’ll work closely with your staff and managers to effectively identify confined spaces and hazards within the facility that are oxygen-deficient, toxic, or combustible.

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  • Prevent Injuries
  • Prevent Property Damage
  • Prevent Downtime
  • Reduce Liability
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Marine Standby/Rescue
  • Breathing Air Support
  • Firefighting Support
  • Hazmat Response

We Expect the Unexpected

30+ Years of Proven Standby & Rescue Experience

Since 1990 our standby specialists have supported businesses spread across multiple industries such as oil and gas, power/utilities, insurance, fire investigation, and more, giving us the breadth of experience needed to adapt to dangerous and unpredictable variables should they arise. Rest assured that our rescue teams have all required certifications and training to execute with precision and urgency when needed.

trailer of equipment used for standby and rescue services
confined space rescue team providing standby support
breathing air tanks and masks

ACE is Standing By

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